The Sobukwe Museum and Learning Centre

The Sobukwe Museum & Learning Centre (SM&LC) is the first major project of the Sobukwe Trust. It is a living memorial to Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe.

Located in his birthplace, uMasizakhe, the Sobukwe Museum & Learning Centre provides a unique and evocative experience for visitors, local, national and international. Due to Covid-19 the official launch was delayed and its doors will be open to the public in early 2021.

The interpretation and commemoration of Sobukwe’s ideals is at the heart of the living museum. A key objective is to inspire community pride and life-long intellectual curiosity.

Education was central to Sobukwe’s life – and through education we celebrate his legacy.

Over the past two years the Sobukwe Trust has worked to train local youth to deliver two key museological programmes for children – the Sobukwe Schools Programme and the Craft-Tech Club.

Designed by architect dvburns, the building houses the Craft-Tech workroom, a small library and computer room and a multi-purpose Exhibition Hall.

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Establish an inspirational destination for local, national and international visitors.

Commemorate Sobukwe’s ideals and provide public access to his thoughts, life and times and the history of the community into which he was born.

Provide safe, resourced community space in which youth and children explore their creativity and access 21st century technology and skills.

And, in the spirit of Sobukwe, build community pride and inspire the quest for knowledge and life-long intellectual curiosity.

The Sobukwe Trust will ensure that the museum contributes to the development and diversification of the heritage and tourism landscape and the mainstreaming of marginalized histories within the region as a whole.

Graaff-Reinet, the jewel of the Karoo, has a steady influx of visitors, both national and international. As a significant addition to its existing cultural and natural resources, the museum will draw tourists into uMasizakhe. Masizakhe is the 4th oldest township in South Africa and its rich heritage provides scope for a range of cultural and eco tour opportunities.

The site of the museum was donated to the Robert Sobukwe Trust by the Eastern Cape Department of Roads and Public Works. The National Lotteries Commission funded the construction of the building and projects in 2020. The Department of Arts and Culture funded the 2019 training and infrastructure development.