Sobukwe Museum & Learning Centre Programmes

Over the past two years the Sobukwe Trust has worked to train local youth to deliver two museological programmes for children – the Craft-Tech Club and the Sobukwe Schools Programme.

The Craft-Tech Club (CTC) promotes grassroots innovation and learning through collaborative design and use of locally relevant technologies. Craft-tech involves the blending of computation (software, hardware, digital fabrication) and crafting (making things with art and recycled materials) in hands-on and minds-on creative projects.The practice provides an accessible way for young people to build transformative tools for their communities, and the design process supports the development of new skills and understanding – especially ’21st century skills’, such as digital fluency, critical and creative thinking, collaboration and communication.

The Sobukwe Schools Programme integrates history with children’s rights awareness using creative metholologies – songs, drama, writing and craft – to assist children to engage critically with community issues and express their views and opinions.

Proving a safe space of innovation for youth and children is a living museum priority.

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Learning was a way of life for Sobukwe. He regarded education as critical both for the liberation of self and the upliftment of community. Wherever he found himself he sought ways both to teach and to be taught. During the 1950s he edited The Africanist. He ensured that the Pan Africanist Congress adopted continuing learning both as a strategy of upliftment and an instrument of political discipline. During the first three years of his imprisonment he ran study sessions with fellow prisoners. While in isolation on Robben Island he studied for a degree in economics. And after his release from prison in 1969 he studied law and qualified as a lawyer.

Since 2015 Sobukwe Trust has worked with youth to ensure local capacity to deliver tours and educational programmes. This has led to the formation of Grela Tours, a local youth tourism cooperative. Based at the SM&LC, Grela Tours will provide guiding services for museum visitors and facilitate the Sobukwe Schools Programme.

The aim is to create a mutually beneficial relationship that will generate an income for the youth cooperative while providing a evocative experience for visitors to the museum and those seeking guided tours in Graaff-Reinet and its surrounds.